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This is the first Page in my little web

Okay, this is the index page, A bit boring, but oh well. This is a picture of me, aren't I adorable? I've already made one page for a friend and I'm currently working on one for my mom's book business. I still don't know all the HTML but I will soon, then watch out, I'm taking over the world!! You can view Kris's page I made for her here. If you love or hate my page or have any suggestions then drop me a line. Hopefully you'll only have nothing but nice things to say.

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Okay, So I haven't kept up with my own page and now I've got a few new pages to link. It's amazing how much you end up,having to do when you don't keep up with your page. So with out further ado here's my newer pages:
Tipper's Trip through life updated whenever I feel like it
Tipper's Truth's a few things I've learned about life, a must read of you a know me and a good read if you're wondering how my mind works

Welcome To Tipper's World

Who is this awesome person Tipper?

I'm glad you asked. First, I didn't get my name from Tipper Gore, I actually can't stand her and her views on censorship. I'm all for the freedom of speech, unlike Tipper Gore.
I got my name from when I at a Summer Camp and offered to take a group of Australians cow tipping. They thought that all kids in the Midwest went cow tipping, ah to be young and stupid again. So we all got into two cars and went to our nearest farmer, which wasn't far! Alas no cow could be found sleeping to tip, so we just grabbed a couple cases of beer from one of the many local bars and drank in the cemetary where the name Tipper was born.

Okay, Just the Facts

Name:Tipper DeFoix
Age: 27
Sex: Whenever possible, oh I'm female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Varies red to blonde
Weight: Yeah, right, anyways, a bit "cushy?"
Birth date: August 27,1976
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Current Residence: Chicago Land
Work: I DJ on the weekends and design catalog pages during the week
Significant Other: Depends when you ask
Hobbies: Anything fun
Quote: "It's either a passion or a pass, there is no in between"
One Wish: World peace, yeah, right....To spend the rest of my life with someone who really loves me
(Or one night with Ani DiFranco..doing anything)
School: CLC, life, Columbia College in Chicago
Computer: Whatever I can get my hands on
Future Career: Cult Leader
Children: Never say never
Obsession: Tank Girl, Dr. Suess, Ani DiFranco, All Over Me, Leisha Hailey, The Godess Clea
Happiest Memory: Enchanted, The Waterfall in Washington
Idol: Barb "Baggy" Mueller
Favorite Place: Camp Windego in Wild Rose, WI
Favorite Book: The Exstacy Club
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper, Summer Hummer
Favorite Singer: Ani DiFranco
Favorite Band: The Cure
Final Thoughts: Even though the majority of people think it's wrong, it makes me happy, so why sweat it