Tipper's Tid-bit's of Truth

Okay, I might still be pretty young, but even at 20 I've learned a few things about people and life. This is the place where I'll share them with you. You don't have to agree with me, because I'll probably change my mind about a few, but if this can help anyone or at the very least make someone laugh, then my job is done. I will most likely use this page as a way to release my pent up aggressions (yes even I get pissy at times). So don't take EVERYTHING literally and have a good time.

Jan. 12 2001
Wow, I didn't realize it's been that long, I built this page over 3 years ago, so I think it's time to update it a bit and add a some more things.

Part 1: Things my own life has taught me

 1. That people you would call friends, don't always feel the same.
2. Best friends can hurt you worse then anyone else.
3. Laughing is the best thing for a broken heart.
4. If you have at least one good friend in your life, be happy
5. Parents don't need reasons for what they do to their kids.
6. You're never homeless if you have friends.
7. Everyone lies, especially those who brag they don't.
8. No one's perfect, so why expect people to be?
9. The least likely suspect is usually the one.
10. The people who are smiling hardest in your face,
are usually the ones talking loudest behind your back
11. If you doubt your best friend, then they usually aren't your best
12. No matter how you turn out, your parents expected something better.
13. Love is just an idea we want to be true.
14. Never believe someone who says, "trust me"
15. Sometimes your friends hurt you on purpose.
16. Nothing is easy, but it's not as hard as you first think.
17. Never use whip cream during sex if it's going to sit for awhile.
18. Don't say things you regret a day, week, or month later.
19. Don't lead people on, especially if they think they're in love with you.
20. Don't say "I love you" to someone then turn around and crush them.
21. The people who hold you when you think you're dying will always be there.
22. Music does sound better with you
23. Never do anything illegal with someone you don't fully trust
24. Don't think you have someone figured out, they'll shock you
25. Don't make your straight friends watch a lesbian film over
and over and over and over....
26. Stop looking, she's out there, somewhere
27. Ghetto Angels are everywhere
28. Be careful of people who say they can do a lot for you,
they usually can't
29. Listen to music that talks to you
30. Make sure you leave with everyone you came with
31. Roommates usually suck
32. A small gathering usually consist of at least 50 of your roommates
closest friend
33. Never laugh at someone just because they think differently then you
34. Just when you've given up on someone they turn around and surprise you
35. I can't solve everyone's problems, no matter how hard I try
36. Sometimes you don't have to say something, sometimes it's better if you
say nothing at all
37. Never turn anyone down who asks for a hug
38. Psycho ex-girlfriends are not cool
39. Neither are psycho ex-roommates
40. Bia is NOT always right

Part 2: Things Friends Have Told Me

 1. You can't make someone feel the same way as you do.
2. If you can't say it to the person, don't talk about
them to anyone else.
3. No one is worth losing a real friend over.
4. Change the oil before you drive to Beecher.
5. If you make an effort to spend time with someone, but they don't,
then are they really a friend?
6. A blue shirt doesn't go with green pants.
7. You don't wear Airwalks(TM) with a dress.
8. Doc Martins however go with everything.
9. Never page with a 911, unless someone is dead or in jail.
10. Just because you bail them out at 3am, doesn't mean they will
do the same for you.
11. Doen't make plans, then break them when something better comes up.
12. Just because you're in school, that doesn't make you better
then anyone else.
13. Don't act like a selfish snob.
14. Why worry about things you can't change?
15. Don't give your heart away so easily.
16. Don't take everything so personally.
17. Everyone has a bad day or two, or three, or......
18. No one owes you anything.
19. Getting kicked out of your home could be the best thing
that's ever happened to you.
20. Forgiving and forgetting are two VERY different things.
21. It's easy to laugh at yourself when everyone else is.
22. Rave funk gets everywhere
23. Always share your Vick's Inhaler and they'll share their candy
24. Don't take drugs from strangers, ask them their name first.
25. You don't have to smoke pot to be a pothead
26. Just because you break up with someone doesn't mean your friends
did too.
27. You don't look as good as you feel at 5am rollin'
28. Stay on the road
29. Chicken controls the world.
30. An ex is not an option for meaningless sex.
31. It's okay to love your friends, just don't LOVE your friends
32. Unless it's a friend with benefits
33. Just because someone likes you nad you like them doesn't mean you'll
end up getting together
34. If you push someone too much about something, you usually end up pushing
them out of your life
35. Regret nothing
36. Not everyone appreciates pink fluffy things
37. Everyone who's Anyone knows "Big Daddy Bud"
38. Deal with your inner demon quietly and privately
39. Not everyone who's intelligent has finished school
40. Never have a "type", you only limit yourself

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