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The Way it Was (some favorite moments)
Running into her at the Ani Concert
Walking around Boystown
Watching Mark try to park the car
The Prom
Dying my Hair while I was drunk
The Antique Mall (Baer Rabbit)
The first time I saw her
Valentines Day 97
Driving in Kankakee one night, she gave me this incredible smile
When I noticed her Pride rings>

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Well this is the page I made for my friend Kris, I hope you all enjoyed it. I am always looking for new things to do with it as I am using this to learn HTML.
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UPDATE APRIL 12, 2004 LIfe is good, Kris is with the same guy she's been with for at least 3 years, has a great job designing childrens toothbrushes, which is perfect for her considering how much she was all into brushing her teeth 10 times a day. We talk about twice a year, life happens and people grow up and grow apart, such is life.


Places that Kris or I like, or just caught my attention

A very cool place to hang out, I'm usually there in the afternoon
The Park
This is a fun place to hang out if you don't want everyone to see what you and someone else is fighting about
Chat Links
There's bound to be one for everyone on here
Ani DiFranco's Lyrics
The best place to find anything Ani
Kris' E-Mail
This is Kris' e-mail address, let her know what you think of the page
Beatles Page
This has almost everything you need about and for the Beatles